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Creation iPS cells, Development of ivermectin and Discoveries of Mechanisms for Autophagy, these are remarkable inventions which have been introduced to the world by Japanese researchers. In fact they have been honored with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Besides that, a lot of research which results in Japan are remarkable. In addition to paper or conference presentation, PCT applicants from Japanese universities reached into 2,380 (2015). These eminent accomplishments have a full potential of commercialization, which can lead a revolutionary change in our world.

Tech Manage Corp. is the leading company of Tech Transfer Business in Japan and deals with innovative inventions from Japan’s top universities for 20 years. We are not founded by any university or TTO connected exclusively specific universities, but we are a private independent company which is commissioned from well-known universities. We are proud of our large-scale of business and our performance of TTO type in Japan. According to our estimate, we are entrusted with 10% patent applicants (solo IP) from Japanese universities.

To gain more attention to Japanese innovative discoveries and to promote commercialization in the world, in October 2016, we launched our website “Bionauts.jp” where Japanese life science seeds has been timely released. “Bionauts.jp” focuses on licensable cutting edge technologies from Japanese Universities.

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We would like to be a bridge between innovative technology from Japan and your specific needs. We will be happy to see that a lot of Japanese technologies are promoted commercialization and it makes people smile in the world.
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March, 2017

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