Discover Gemstones

Far too many groundbreaking technologies and inventions
from Japanese universities remain unexcavated.
Let us help you find, and mine, these hidden treasures.

Explore New Worlds

Exploring uncharted waters and uncovering hidden technologies can lead
to new opportunities and substantial breakthroughs for your business.
As your Japanese partner, we can assist you through an open innovation strategy.

Avoid Patent Cliffs

Steep patent cliffs can endanger your business.
Let us help you hedge risk
by both expanding and extending your income pipeline.

Why "Bionauts"?

1. Carefully selected technologies

  • From top Japanese university research results
  • Matched to industry needs
  • The most recent cutting-edge technologies (including still unpublished research)

2. Proposal-based listings

  • Offering potential product usages and applications
  • Clearly identifying business advantages
  • Providing a concise one-page summary

3. Improved access to universities

  • Receive our assistance with one quick and simple push of the inquiry button
  • Build strong, trusting relationships with Japanese universities
  • Our support is free of charge

Latest Technologies Examples

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