Let’s introduce “How to use Bionauts.jp?”

This service is free only for the purpose of your patent licensing.


Use” Search window” (Key word, Categories or Advanced Search) and display technology tiles.


Click the tile and open each technology page that you are interested in.
Each page has simple summary, experimental data and expectation for company.


“Give me more detail information”
“Inform the confidential data”
“Want to discuss technology with inventors” etc.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
Write down your requests to “Inquiry Form” or send e-mail to bionauts (at) tech-manage.co.jp.
If you are interested in some opportunities. “Inquiry Form” at the bottom of each page.


As an agent of representing universities, we will contact you within a few business days.
In some cases, we ask to sign a NDA between the university and you.
If you want, we can arrange teleconferencing to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.


When you want licensing from a university, we will assist, and support, and negotiate the license terms with you. You may find that negotiating the licensing terms to the university by yourself difficult because of the language and cultural barriers. We provide support for contractual procedures between Japanese universities and you.

*All contractor is a university corporation as a patent applicant.

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