Dynamic Visual Acuity Improvement by Spice / Tea Leaf Component

Advantage and Core Benefit

  • Originally established dynamic visual acuity measurement system
  • The first demonstration of the effect on dynamic visual acuity by food-containing ingredients

Background and Technology

In general, visual acuity tests measure static visual acuity. However, when driving a car, playing sports or video games (e-sports) etc., the visual function to track fast moving objects (dynamic visual acuity) is necessary and critical.

In the process of retinal vision research, researchers at Osaka University have improved the dynamic visual function analysis method which was previously used in monkeys. The Osaka researchers established the system which can objectively and quantitatively analyze the dynamic visual acuity of mice (spatial discrimination ability, temporal discrimination ability, Fig.L). The Osaka researchers searched for the substances that can enhance dynamic visual acuity, and found that eugenol and catechin increased an indexe of dynamic visual acuity (optimal temporal frequency: ability to follow fast movements). (Fig.R). The effects of these two components are considered through different mechanisms, and their combined use increased the effect.

Eugenol is the main component of clove (spice) essential oil, and catechin is a component of tea leaves, and considered to be highly safe, they can be used as a supplement easily taken in various scenes such as car driving, sports, and e-sports.




Osaka University is seeking for companies that are interested in developing health foods or supplements by licensing this technology. Support for human clinical studies is also welcome.


Project No: KJ-03389a

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