Equipment to convert existing MHz-band electrical signals into tens of GHz-band electrical signals at low cost with high resolution

Generates tens of GHz bandwidth signals with 6 - 12 bit resolution using dispersion compensation of modulated optical carrier wave

Advantage and Core Benefit

  • MHz-band high-resolution arbitrary waveforms generated by existing inexpensive equipment are compressed in time by dispersion compensation of the modulated optical carrier wave, resulting in tens of GHz-band signals that maintain high resolution (ex. 6 bits or more, up to 12 bits possible in simulation).
  • In terms of functionality, programmable and fast refresh rate.

Background and Technology

Various studies are underway using RF signals in the several GHz to several tens of GHz bandwidth as a technology to support 5G. In addition, a new arbitrary RF signal generator using optical pulses is being investigated with a view to utilizing frequency bands beyond the tens of GHz band in beyond 5G. However, with conventional technology, it is not easy to generate high-resolution signals in the tens of GHz band at low cost, and the challenges for commercialization are great.

By utilizing dispersion compensation of the modulated optical carrier wave, this invention was able to convert a MHz-band high-resolution arbitrary waveform generated by existing inexpensive equipment into an electrical signal in the tens of GHz band while maintaining high resolution. The signals generated are programmable and have a fast refresh rate. In this invention, expensive optical devices such as WSS (Wavelength Selective Switch) are not used.

Specifically, wavelength-dispersed optical carrier waves (e.g., with a center wavelength of 1500-1600 nm and a duration of several tens of nanoseconds) were used, as shown in the figure below. By inputting a MHz-band arbitrary waveform RF signal generated by an existing inexpensive device, intensity modulating the optical carrier wave, compensating for wavelength dispersion and shrinking it in time, and converting the dispersion-compensated optical carrier wave into an electrical signal, a GHz-band arbitrary waveform was obtained while maintaining high resolution.




Tsuyoshi KONISHI (Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering, Associate Professor)


Licensing or joint research

Project No. HK-031216b


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