Monoclonal Antibody for Neuropathic Pain

Blockade of novel target, Netrin-4 Unc5B signaling.

Advantage and Core Benefit

  • Obtained anti-human netrin-4 antibodies, which cross-reacts with non-human netrin-4.
  • Commonly used topical injection in pain clinic is available.

Background and Technology

The researchers has revealed that neuropathic pain signaling is mediated by Netrin-4 and its receptor Unc5B, and demonstrated that blockade of Netrin-4-Unc5B signals by siRNA or polyclonal antibody intrathecal administration can alleviate the neuropathic pain (Fig. L).

Now, they have identified the epitope of Netrin-4, and obtained monoclonal antibodies which cross react with rodent netrin-4. Topical administration experiment indicated the mAb could make a medicine with novel mechanism for patients with dysesthesia or allodynia after nerve injury.


  • In rat von Frey Filament test model, 3μg anti-netrin-4 mAb injection into dorsal root ganglion 7days after partial sciatic nerve ligation elevated the withdrawal threshold to the contra-lateral level (Fig. R).

Patent, Publications

WO2015/025770, registered in US/EP/JP, Monoclonal antibody patent not published.,


Prof. Toshihide YAMASHITA (Osaka Univ. JAPAN)


We are seeking a partner who will in-license and develop the technology further by humanization of mAbs. Details can be disclosed under CDA, mAbs for review can be provided under MTA (paid).

Product No. KJ-04225

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