Simple Test Kit for Mycotoxins of Fusarium Head Blight

Monoclonal antibodies that selectively react with trichothecene mycotoxins DON (deoxynivalenol) and NIV (nivalenol), respectively.


  • The world’s first monoclonal antibody that specifically reacts to NIV for which there was no specific antibody so far.
  • A simple and rapid test kit that can comprehensively detect trichothecene mycotoxins including NIV can be constructed.

Background and Technology

This time, in a project of the MAFF, we worked on the development of immunoassays for DON and NIV, and obtained monoclonal antibodies that specifically react with each of DON and NIV by our original immunogen preparation method. This technology enables comprehensive and simple detection of trichothecene mycotoxins and contributes to safe wheat production.It is known that DON and NIV produced by Fusarium graminearum, which is a red mold fungus, contaminate wheat and cause health hazards to humans and livestock ingesting them. DON and NIV are listed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Japan (MAFF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as mycotoxins that require risk management, and rapid detection at the production site by simple immunoassay is required. Immunoassay kits for DON are commercially available and have established testing standards. On the other hand, although the toxicity of NIV is equal to or higher than that of DON, it has been difficult to prepare an antibody that specifically reacts with NIV, so no immunoassay kit has existed so far, and no test rules have been established. Therefore, it is especially important to develop an antibody / simple immunoassay for NIV.

[Figures] Reaction characteristics of monoclonal antibodies by directly competing ELISA

Reference and Patent

  • Pending

Principal Investigator

Shiro MIYAKE  Ph. D. (Professor, Laboratory of Food and Hygiene, Department of Food and Life Science, Azabu University)

Current Stage and Next Step

  • DON and NIV preparation Immunogen and specific monoclonal antibody has been acquired.
  • It is possible to obtain higher-performance antibodies and antibodies against analogs using a uniquely prepared immunogens.
  • We can provide immunogens and antibodies (producing cells)

We are looking for partner companies that develop and sell simple immunoassay kit products based on the immune sources and antibodies of this technology, inspection centers and grain and food manufacturers that use the kit products.

Product No. BK-04089

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