Anti-CD155 antibody treatment for Th1 type autoimmune diseases

Treatment of immunological diseases by a new mechanism to control the immune Th1/Th2 balance

Advantage and Core Benefit

  • Expected to have fewer side effects than immunosuppressive drugs that suppress normal immune responses
  • Specific treatment of Th1 immune disorders such as contact dermatitis is possible

Background and Technology

Th1 cells are mainly induced by IFN-γ and IL-12, produce IFN-γ and IL-2, activate macrophages, and are involved in the elimination of intracellular parasites and inflammatory diseases. Dr. Shibuya’s group found that CD155 on CD4+ T cells acts as a co-stimulatory molecule, induces differentiation of naïve T cells into Th1 cells (left panel), and is involved in the pathogenesis of Th1 immune diseases.
By using CD155 inhibitory antibodies, the Th1/Th2 balance was tilted towards Th2, and the therapeutic effect on contact hypersensitivity (CHS), one of the Th1-type immune diseases, was found (right panel).


  • CD155 co-stimulation promoted the differentiation of naive CD4+T cells into Th1 cells (human and mouse)
  • Treatment with CD155 ligand-binding inhibitory antibodies has a therapeutic effect in a model of contact dermatitis (Type 5 allergy).

Patent and Publishment

JP 6296650 (Granted)
Y. Kanemaru et. al. J. Immunology (2015)


Dr, Kazuko Shibuya and Dr. Akira Shibuya (Tsukuba University)


We are looking for companies interested in developing therapeutics based on the mechanism of Th1/Th2 immune balance regulation by CD155. Co-development of humanized antibodies and collaborations for Th1 immune diseases are welcome. mCD155 antibody (TX56: rat IgG) hCD155 antibody (TX28: mouse IgG) MTA is available.

Product No. WL-03746

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