CCL25: High-safety Substance to Assist the Growth and development of Immune System for Premature Baby

Core Benefit

  • CCL25 has high-safety as inherent in human colostrum and mature milk.
  • It is expected to improve the growth, development of immune systems and prevention of infectious diseases in premature baby by adding CCL25.


Premature babies refer to newborn babies whose body development is not sufficiently performed due to premature birth, therefore they are also not developed compared to mature newborns with development of immune organs and the functions. Now, the proportion of premature babies is increasing, so there is a need to normalize the growth and immune function of premature babies for their health.

In this background, this technology proposes pharmaceuticals to promote the growth and development of immune system in premature babies (but not limited to them). In particular, by giving CCL25, which was confirmed to be inherent in human breast milk by this researcher’s analysis, to premature babies, it is possible to improve the growth and development of immune system like as mature newborns.


(left) Gravimetric analysis of the immune organs (neonatal mice after the artificial feeding until 10 days old). The group which is fed with CCL25 (green bar) shows increased weight of thymus, spleen and small intestine related to immune function, more than them in the control group (red bar).

(right)The immunohistochemistry analysis of IgA-producing cells (neonatal mice after the artificial feeding until 10 days old). The group which is fed with CCL25 (green bar) remarkably increased number of IgA-producing cells in small intestine than it in the control group (red bar).





Associate Prof. Kazutoshi SAYAMA (Shizuoka University)


Are you interested in the development of medicines for premature babies proposed by this technology? We are looking for companies to develop new pharmaceutical products under the license of this invention. We are also finding companies interested in collaboration and licensing for develop milk additive, supplement or any other possible products.

Product No: TP-00559

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