Extract Heat Type Cryocooler

Achieving highly efficient cryogenic refrigeration operation by installing a heat exchanger between cryogenic and room temperatures and complementing with a refrigeration unit such as a vapor compression type.


  • Enhanced by approximately threefold, the Coefficient of Performance (COP) experiences a notable improvement, leading to a reduction in power consumption by about one-third.

Technology Overview & Background

Presently, superconductivity is limited to the applications such as MRI, large accelerators, ultra-high resolution NMR where such performance is indispensable due to the high cost of cooling. Recently, research and development efforts are underway towards the applications such as aluminum heating and power infrastructure equipment, where superconductivity can curtail power consumption. However, cost reduction remains a critical challenge, necessitating the development of efficient cryocooler.
Traditional cryocooler utilizing gas cycles, such as GM cryocooler and pulse tube cryocooler cool by transferring heat from cryogenic temperatures to room temperature within a single refrigeration system. Nevertheless, these systems demand substantial power and exhibit low operational efficiency.
In this project, researcher propose novel approach integrates a heat exchanger within cryocoolers like GM chillers and pulse tube chillers, thereby facilitating more efficient cool process from cryogenic to room temperature. This enhancement is achieved by supplementing a portion of the cool process with a highly efficient vapor compression chiller, resulting in an overall improvement in operational efficiency.


  • In a simulation comparing the efficiency of this refrigeration system when cooling to a cryogenic temperature of 20K against that of a standalone small refrigerator (pulse tube refrigerator), it was observed that the COP increased from 0.005 with the single refrigerator to 0.015 with this system, marking a threefold improvement.
  • Progress is currently underway on a prototype unit demonstration.


  • Applied (not published)

Principal Investigator & Academic Institution

Prof. Naoki HIRANO (National Institute for Fusion Science)


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