Durable, large capacity, seamless activated carbon electrode

~For EDLC, fuel cells, redox flow batteries, etc.~


Compared to electrodes made of hardened activated carbon powder, it is less likely to deteriorate even when charged at high voltage and achieves a large capacity.


Electric double-layer capacitors (EDLC) have high capacitance and power density that cannot be achieved with electrolytic capacitors, as well as excellent charge-discharge cycle life that surpasses secondary batteries. But it has the disadvantage of low energy density compared to similar secondary batteries.

Professor Soshi Shiraishi of Gunma University has been researching and developing porous carbon electrodes for EDLC. Successfully commercialized “seamless” activated carbon.

Capacitors using seamlessly activated carbon electrodes have superior capacity compared to conventional electrodes in which started carbon powder is bound with a binder and are resistant to deterioration even when charged at high voltages.

This will increase the energy density and reliability of capacitors and may further expand the applications of capacitors, such as storage power sources in the automotive field, where the trend toward electrification and automation is remarkable.


We want to conduct joint research with companies that can consider using EDLC electrodes, air battery electrodes, redox flow battery electrodes, biofuel battery electrodes, and various electrochemical analysis electrodes.


Japanese Patent No. 6047799


Soshi Shiraishi (Professor, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Gunma University)


Project No: DD-04257


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