Puncture Needle Position Verification Support System

Impedance-sensing nerve blocking system for precise detection of the target area of the puncture needle.


  • Easily distinguish tissue boundaries in the vicinity of the nerves, which are difficult to determine with ultrasonic echo diagnosis.
  • Can be integrated into existing technologies, e.g., medical devices that use electrical resistance (EI) measurements.

Technology Overview & Background

A technique for accurately detecting the target site of a puncture needle by means of steep changes in the electrical resistance (EI) at that location.
This technology is highly objective and useful for deep nerve blocks, etc., as it allows accurate puncture in real time without relying on the experience of the surgeon. In addition, it can also be used in combination with ultrasound echo.


  • Neural block to rabbits was performed by continuous EI measurements using a bipolar needle and an impedance analyzer.  The results showed that changes in EI could be detected at the target point.
  • The ultrasound echo images used in conjunction with this study also supported the accuracy of the puncture needle arrival point.


Note: PCT application is published on WIPO website as WO2021/04502 in Japanese, and applied for transition application to JP and US.


C. Ootaki, et al. “Use of Continuous Electrical Impedance Measurement for Accurate Nerve Block in Rabbits.” Pain Med. (2021) 22(4):800-806. doi: 10.1093/pm/pnaa433.

Researchers & Academic Institution

Yo Kobayashi, PhD (Assoc. Prof. Osaka University, Japan)
Chiyo Ootaki, MD (Assoc. Prof. Osaka University Hospital, Japan)


Tech Manage Corp. is now looking for companies to collaborate with the researchers and develop this technology further under the licensing of patent(s) described above.
It is also available to consider the joint research with the researchers in Osaka University using the invention, providing know-how under a confidentiality agreement, or setting up evaluation or licensing options for a certain period.


Project ID: JT-03092


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