Vaccine Adjuvant for the Elderly

Vaccines supplemented with exosomes containing miR-192 show high preventive effect even in the elderly.


  • This is the first way to improve the vaccine preventive effect on the elderly.
  • miR-192 enhances vaccine prophylaxis by suppressing IL-6 in the elderly.


About 30 million seasonal influenza vaccines are used annually in Japan. HA split vaccine is used for seasonal use and whole vaccine particle will be prepared for pandemic use. However, it is known that the conventional influenza vaccine does not have sufficient preventive effect on the elderly.

Data and Publication

  • miR-192 restores vaccine efficacy in aged mice
Comparing the young mice with (blue) and the aged mice (yellow), the amount of antibody against the antigen after influenza whole vaccine particle (WVP) vaccination is reduced in the aged animals as in humans. When miR-192 is added, the amount of (purple) antibody recovers to the level of young individuals.

Tsukamoto et al., iScience (2020) 23, 101520



Principal Investigator

Hiroyuki OSHIMURA (Kumamoto University)

Development Stage

  • At the current stage, we have demonstrated that exosome miR-192 downregulates IL6 expression and restores influenza WVP vaccination efficacy in aged mice.
  • For the next step, we would like to proceed with pharmacokinetics and safety studies in collaboration with pharmaceutical/biotech companies.

Product No. BK-04055

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