Improving Grafting Efficiency and Expanding Grafting Variety

Overexpression of cellulase in rootstock to improve grafting ability. It enables grafting of scion and rootstock that were previously incompatible.


  • Improvement of grafting efficiency
  • Expand the variety of combinations of scion and rootstock that can be grafted
  • Applicable to fruit trees


Grafting is a technique of joining a rootstock and a scion, so that the superior abilities of each can be demonstrated together. For example, branching changes and new varieties of fruit trees in general are often clonally propagated by grafting. In the case of vegetables such as eggplants and cucurbitaceous vegetables, the root system of the rootstock, which is resistant to pests and stresses and is useful, is used to acquire disease resistance and improve the quality and productivity of fruit and other products. However, it is known that grafting does not succeed in some plant combinations (graft incompatibility). In general, grafting success becomes more difficult between species, genera, and families.

We found that cellulase expression on the grafted surface is important for the success or failure of the graft, and developed a method to solve the graft incompatibility by overexpressing cellulase (β-1,4-glucanase) in the rootstock. The purpose of this technology is to expand the use and productivity of grafting, and in the future we would like to contribute to the expansion of stressed soil and food risk, which are global environmental problems..

Publication and Patent

  • Notaguchi M, et al. (2020) Cell-cell adhesion in plant grafting is facilitated by β-1,4-glucanases. Science 369, Issue 6504: 698-702. DOI: 10.1126/science.abc3710
  • Kawakatsu Y, et al. (2020) An in vitro grafting method to quantify mechanical forces of adhering tissues. Plant Biotechnology 20.0925a DOI:10.5511/plantbiotechnology.20.0925a
  • Okayasu K, et al. (2021) Tissue adhesion between distant plant species in parasitism and grafting. Commun & Integ Biol 14, 21-23 DOI:1080/19420889.2021.1877016
  • Patent pending (not published yet)

Principal Investigator

Michitaka NOTAGUCHI  Laboratory Home Page

(Tokai National Higher Education and Research System Nagoya University)

Current Stage and Next Step

  • Current stage: Scientific concepts were demonstrated in grafting of multiple species of plants.
  • Next Step: We would like to work with partner companies to develop specific varieties (fruit trees, etc.) for practical use.

Product No. BK-03616

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