Near Infrared Photo-Antimicrobial Targeting Therapy

Binding of IgY antibody with photosensitive dye IR700 to target pathogenic bacteria and sterilization by irradiation with near-infrared light.


⦁ No bacterial resistance
⦁ Kills specific bacteria/fungi
⦁ Uses low-cost IgY
⦁ IgY has been applied to food, IR700 has been approved for medicine
⦁ Applicable to dental/oral sterilization, skin/wound sterilization, and food/beverage sterilization


Near-infrared photoimmunotherapy (NIR-PIT) is a monoclonal antibody bound to the photosensitizer IR700 that reacts with cancer cells and then is irradiated with near-field light to selectively destroy the cancer cells. It is a new cancer treatment approved in Japan.
This time, we applied NIR-PIT to the treatment of infectious diseases and developed photoantibiotic therapy (PAT). Unlike cancer cells, a large amount of antibody is required in terms of bacterial mass and growth rate, so IgY (chicken egg yolk immunoglobulin) antibody, which can be produced in large quantities at low cost, was used. The original antibacterial effect of IgY antibody was dramatically enhanced by the photoantibacterial effect of IR700.

Data & Publication

Principal Investigator

Hidekazu SATO (Tokai National Higher Education and Research System, Nagoya University)

Current Stage and Next Step

⦁ Currently, we are in the stage of demonstrating the therapeutic concept of this technology using an animal model of a Candida-infected wound.
⦁ Next step, we would like to collaborate to verify the therapeutic effects of this technology on company-focused pathogens.
⦁ Goal is clinical application of photoantibaiotic therapy against targeted pathogens.

Product No.BK-03167

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