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We have developed an AI program that can infer gas diffusing capacity of carbon mono-Oxide (DLCO) from the respiratory function test data of a general desktop / portable spirometer.




  • Simple measurement (estimation) of DLCO value
  • Reducing the burden on patients and medical staff
  • Reducing oversight of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) prognostic risk
  • Spirometer applications and market expansion


The precision respiratory function test, which measures the DLCO value required for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) prognosis prediction, requires expensive dedicated equipment and takes more than an hour. Due to the heavy burden on patients and medical staff, this test is difficult to carry out and is not fully utilized in predicting the prognosis of COPD. If there is a simpler DLCO value test method, it will be possible to reduce the oversight of the prognostic risk of COPD and enable early treatment measures.

The AI program we have developed and the desktop / portable spirometer equipped with it make it possible to estimate the DLCO value by a general respiratory function test and predict the COPD prognosis.


Pending (unpublished).


Kazuhide Sato (Tokai National Higher Educational and Research System, Nagoya University )


We hope to collaborate with spirometer manufacturing and sales companies, etc. to accumulate more clinical data, improve analysis accuracy, and put this technology to practical use. We are looking for a partner company that is interested in such collaboration.

Product No.BK-03686

Other than Medicine

  • Diagnostics

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