Mass production of soluble human MHC class II molecules by CD74 co-expression

Advantage and Core Benefit

  •  Efficient production of soluble MHC class II using mammalian cells
  • Low-cost priming of antigen-peptide-specific T cells, which has been costly in the past

Background and Technology

Cell therapy using soluble MHC class II (sMHCII) to induce cancer antigen-specific T cells and Tregs has been proposed.
However, sMHCII molecules are synthesized by E. coli and complexed with monomers of alpha and beta chains, which is a costly process.
The inventor focused on the possibility that sMHCII expression could be positively regulated by CD74, because the expression of soluble MHC class II molecules is reduced in CD74 KO mice.
When HEK293T cells were used to express CD74 and the alpha and beta chains of MHC class II, the expression of sMHCII molecules was found to be greatly increased.


CD74 p41 enhances sMHC II production.

(A) Surface expression of MHC II molecules and intracellular expression of CD74 in transfected cells are shown.

(B)sMHC II molecules in the ultra-centrifuged culture supernatants from cells transfected with MHC II alone and both MHC II and either CD74 isoform were analyzed by flow cytometry.
Anti-MHC II mAb binding to beads (black line) and control antibody binding (shaded area) are indicated.

(C) Relative concentrations of sMHC II molecules in the soluble protein fraction to the concentration in the soluble protein fraction in culture supernatant of MHC II alone are shown.




Prof. Hisashi Arase (Laboratory of Immunochemistry, WPI Immunology Frontier Research Center, Osaka University)


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