Surfactant-Free Polymeric Nanoparticles and Manufacturing Equipment

A reactor in which polymeric nanoparticles with an average diameter of less than 100 nm are generated without adding surfactants, using the inner pores of a porous material (e.g., melamine foam) as a polymerization field.


  • Since no surfactant is used, the environmental impact is low and the cost of waste liquid treatment is low. 
  • Surfactant-free polymer nanoparticles with an average diameter of less than 100 nm can be produced.


The nanoparticles are produced by emulsion polymerization and soap-free emulsion polymerization methods. In the emulsion polymerization method, the monomers are polymerized in the presence of a surfactant, so that the surface of the particles is protected by an electric double layer, making it difficult for particles to aggregate with each other. Therefore, nanoparticles with a particle diameter of 100 nm or less can be synthesized by the emulsion polymerization method. However, the surfactant used in large quantities in the emulsion polymerization method is persistent and difficult to treat in the activated sludge method, which is a major industrial wastewater treatment method, and thus has a high environmental impact and is expensive to treat. On the other hand, the soap-free emulsion polymerization method does not use surfactants, but it is difficult to synthesize nanoparticles with a particle size of 100 nm or less. The present invention solves these problems.



Filed (unpublished yet)


Tetsuya YAMAMOTO, Department of Chemical Systems, Engineering, Nagoya University


  • Recruitment of development partners with in-license or  collaboration/sponsored research on this invention, such as manufactures of polymeric nanoparticles or polymeric nanoparticle reactors.
  • Disclosure of information by CDA and sample evaluation by MTA for technology evaluation and feasibility studies

Product No. BK-03575

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