Therapeutic Targets in Osteosarcoma


1. Targeting ion channels that are highly expressed on osteosarcoma cells
2. Enables development using an original and highly sensitive screening system

Background and Technology

Using a unique model of osteosarcoma cancer stem cells, the inventors found that increased expression of a certain conductance calcium-activated potassium (KCa) channel plays an important role in the mechanism of differentiation and malignant transformation of osteosarcoma cancer stem cells.

Data and Publication

We transplanted osteosarcoma carcinoma cells into the femur of mice and examined the expression of the KCa channel mRNA in tumor tissues, and found that the KCa channel mRNA was highly expressed in primary (intramedullary cell transplantation) and metastatic (lung) tissues


Searching for a company to collaborate on drug development for osteosarcoma drugs using a proprietary, highly sensitive screening model.

Product No. WL-03044



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