Orally available formulation of Short-Chain-Fatty-Acid (SCFA)


– Micelle formulation masks acidic taste and smell
– Accumulation on intestinal mucosa and gradual elution


SCFAs, acetate and butyrate, etc, are synthesised by microbes in the intestine, and are known to have multiple therapeutic effects, for such as NASH, obesity and cancer. Due to its acidic taste and solubility, they have not been directly used as medicine, and lactobacillus and fiber, probiotics and prebiotics, are widely taken.
We have succeeded in nano micelle formulation of SCFAs by synthesizing block polymer composed of poly-ethylene glycol and SCFA polyester, which self-assembles in water. The orally administered nano-particles stay in the intestinal mucosa and release SCFA gradually for a long time.


– Inhibition of weight gain in obesity model
– Decrease of liver fibrosis and lipid accumulation in NASH model
– Reduced metastases in melanoma model
Product No. MR-03169

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