Phage therapy for Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE)

We identified several bacteriolytic phage strains against Enterococcus species widely including VRE and confirmed therapeutic effect in endophthalmitis model.

Advantage and Core Benefit

➢ The immediate antibiotic effect is more excellent than vancomycin
➢ Combination therapy with bacteriophage strains which has directivity to other bacteria such as
Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas is available.
➢ Bacteriolysis for VRE and clinically isolated Enterococcus from endophthalmitis patients has
been proved.

Background and Technology

VRE has spread rapidly and become a major problem in many healthcare facilities both in Europe
and the United States. VRE is a threat for patients with weakened immune systems. Therefore more
therapeutic options other than antibiotics are required against VRE. Bacteriophage therapy is
expected as a promising candidate for Antimicrobial Resistance. Previously, the researchers have
developed phage therapy from original bacteriophage library. We recently identified bacteriolytic
phage strains against Enterococcus species including VRE, a kind of pathogens of endophthalmitis.
The phage treatment could eliminate Enterococci rapidly, and it is contributed to the protection of
retinal tissue.



  • Immediate antibiotic effect is better than that of Vancomycin in vitro (A).
  • Viable bacteria (B) and ocular tissue condition (C) of Enterococcus induced endophthalmitis
    model treated by a phage injection.


PCT/JP 2019/009112


Dr. Shigenobu Matsuzaki and Dr. Ken Fukuda (Kochi University)


We are looking for a company that develops a phage therapy based on this technology under
patent license. Option license and providing phage strain under MTA for evaluation is available.

Product No. WL-03104

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