Test-kit for Predicting Vaccine Adverse Reaction

Predicting Vaccine Adverse Reaction by Measuring miR451a/miR16 in Blood

Advantage and Core Benefit

  • You can select before vaccination;
    – when you get a vaccine
    – how much doses
    – which vaccine types
    with low adverse reaction risk
  • Promoting Optimal Vaccination and Solving Vaccine Gap
  • Expanding Vaccine Market, Reducing Medical Cost for Adverse Reaction

Background and Technology

Before administration of a vaccine, recipients have only a medical interview and measurement of body temperature, then, in most cases, they get the vaccine. After the vaccination, a certain percent of the recipients have some adverse reaction like inflammation or autoimmune diseases. The adverse reaction is the burden of the recipients and it leads to critically ill. The cause of the adverse reaction is unknown and there is no test to predict the vaccine adverse reaction now. It prevents the spread of vaccination and generates vaccine gap.

For example, HPV vaccine is a kind of subunit vaccine with adjuvant. That caused severe adverse events like Guillain-Barre syndrome in 0.08% of all recipients before 2013 in Japan. Now, the HPV vaccines are not inoculated in Japan actually.

On our concept, all recipients receive our prediction test measuring a ratio of miR451a to miR16, and the high-risk group diagnosed by the test avoids the vaccination temporarily. This biomarker level changes for a few months. Some months later, the avoided group can receive the test again and can get the vaccine when the test result is low-risk.

Data and Publication

  • In clinical research for investigating correlation between mild adverse reaction and miR451a/miR16 biomarker, the biomarker predicted mild adverse reaction of seasonal flu vaccine
  • The biomarker predicted autoimmune disease risk in animal model.


Pending, unpublished


Hiroyuki Oshiumi (Kumamoto University)


Royalty bearing license following non-confidential discussion, feasibility study under CDA or option agreement and/or collaboration research as necessary.

Product No. :CD-02725

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