Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) model mice keeping original human vasculacture

A novel tool for the assessment of vascular-targeting agent

Core Benefits

  • This PDX model enable assessment of direct effect on human vessels.
  • Human vessels are maintained for long term.
  • Human angiogenesis is observed in this PDX model mice.

Application examples

  • New research service using this PDX model in CRO.
  • Internal use in pharmaceutical company.


Researchers newly invented production method of PDX model mice keeping human tumor blood vessels. In this PDX model, human blood vessels of donor tumor are maintained for long term and connected with host mice blood vessels. Human angiogenesis can also be observed. Therefore, this model is a novel tool enable evaluation of direct effect on human vascular structure or function by drug candidate.


Tumor blood vessels are a key target for cancer therapeutic management. Poor functionality of tumor blood vessels has profound consequences for the tumor micro environment and can lead to hypoxia, decreased immune cell infiltration and activity, and increased risks of metastatic dissemination.

Anti-angiogenic therapies or vascular normalization therapy are expected to enhance the benefits of chemotherapeutic drugs, cancer immunotherapy or radiotherapy. However, there is no tool for in vivo continuous assessment. PDX model are good tools for observing the human vasculature, but human blood vessels in PDX model are replaced with recipient mouse blood vessels induced by sprouting angiogenesis.


  • After transplantation, human tumor blood vessels length and total number of junctions increase.
  • We observed human tumor blood vessels and mouse blood vessels are connected in this PDX model.
  • Human CD31 antibody are delivered to donor tumor and labeled human endothelial cells by iv administration to host mice.


Prof. Nobuyuki Takakura (Osaka University)

Patent status



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Product No. : CD-02625

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