Anti-Claudin-2 Antibody for IBD Therapy

Anti-claudin-2 antibody improves IBD intestinal barrier destruction by claudin-2


  • Claudin-2 is a new therapeutic target of IBD.
  • The antibody binds to extracellular domain of claudin-2 and improves barrier function of bowel.

Background and Technology

The epithelial tight junction controls the paracellular transport in the intestine and also prevents uptake of larger molecules. Claudin-2, one of the claudin-family regulating intercellular tight junction, forms a paracellular channel for small cations and water. It is expressed in leaky epithelia in small intestine for the paracellular transport of sodium, potassium, and fluid. In inflammatory bowel diseases, claudin-2 is upregulated in small and large intestine and leads destruction of intestinal barrier and diarrhea via a leak flux mechanism.

Here, we developed a new anti-claudin-2 mAb binding to extracellular domain of claudin-2. It suppressed claudin-2 function on paracellular transport and improved barrier function of bowel in IBD model.


  • In vivo test with T-cell transferred intestine inflammation model mice revealed the anti-clanduin-2 mAb 1A2 suppressed some factors regarding to inflammation and showed improvement of intestine tissue.



WO2018/123949  published.


Prof. Masuo Kondoh (Osaka University, School of Pharmaceutical Science)


We are looking for a drug discovery company to collaborate with our researchers and develop this technology further.

Product No:TP-00787

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